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Take a Culinary Trip to the Far East

                                                    When You Dine on Our Chinese and Vegetarian Food

Enjoy delicious Chinese food from our restaurant in Santa Barbara, California. Shanghai Chinese Restaurant is proud to offer fantastic Chinese cuisine made by a staff of dedicated chefs. In addition to serving typical Chinese menu items, our restaurant also offers a wide selection of vegetarian options. Please call (805)962-7833 for Takeout or Dine in Reservation.

Lunch Menu
Shanghai Chinese Restaurant features a spectacular lunch menu that features a wide selection of delicious Chinese meals, such as Orange Flavor Chicken, Kung Pao Three Delight, and Tofu  with Chinese Green. We can also make meals featuring shrimp, scallops, beef, pork, and vegetable dishes. If you are a vegetarian, we offer soybean chicken and beef items, as well as regular and baked tofu meals.

You can order an alcoholic beverage to complement your meal when you eat a meal at Shanghai Chinese Restaurant. Our restaurant serves imported beer and wine, including Heineken™, Corona™, and Tsingtao™ beers. We also offer domestic Budweiser™, as well as sake, red, white, and Plum wine options.

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